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My Interview Experience through which I got an offer from TCS

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TCS is a service-based company and hires thousands of candidates every year in India. It conducts a National level Exam called TCS NQT ( National Qualifier Test ) and candidates are shortlisted based on this test results for further rounds. The NQT Exam is conducted on TCS ION centers in your nearest city and the Interview process happens on site. There is also a competition called TCS CodeVita where a coding competition is conducted and the top performers are selected for interview.

The Interview Process is the same as most companies: Online Test, Technical Round, and HR Round. Last year it added a new round called TCS Digital where the top performers from NQT are eligible to get a better package.

TCS provides two packages: Ninja and Digital. The candidates who get shortlisted for Digital need to attend an additional exam and then the interview process.

During Preparation it is very important to learn concepts of digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, BigData, DevOps, Internet Of Things, and Cyber Security. They might ask you to explain or give an introduction to these technologies. If you are preparing for Digital Interview then these concepts are really important to know.

To register for TCS NQT you can check on their website.

Resources for Interview Preparations:

  1. Geeks For Geeks is the best resource for Programming Questions related to Java or Python, Object-Oriented Programming, and Subjective Questions.
  2. Search for Previous Years Questions and Interview Experiences on Geek for Geeks and Google.
  3. Faceprep, PrepInsta, and OnlineStudy4u are few resources on youtube that contains TCS related aptitude questions.

Online Round: NQT Exam

I received my hall ticket in the mail with location and time. The exam had two sections, one for aptitude & MCQ, and the other was a coding section. The aptitude questions were intermediate level from Verbal Reasoning, Time and Work, Profit and Loss, Time and Distance, etc. The MCQ’s were from C programming and finding output of a code snippet.

The Coding Section involved only one question where we need to compile and run our solution with test cases. The Code can be solved using C, C++, Java, or Python.

Onsite Round: Technical & HR Round

I got a mail that I got selected for Next round and had the Interview at TCS Office. The interview lasted for 15 minutes and it was a panel of three people asking questions. It involved a mix of questions starting from Tell me about yourself to Project-related questions.

Communication Skills are very important, as they monitor your response to questions and how you answer them. There were Technical questions and Behavioral questions asked like “Where do you see yourself in the next 2–3 years”. Technical questions involved based on your Resume and skills. Subjective questions were asked from Object-Oriented Programming, Database Management System, and Java.

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After a month, I received a mail with an offer letter. I was very happy that I got selected. Thank you for reading and I hope this article will help you with your interview preparations.

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