How To Become a Full Stack Developer in 6 Months

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The demand for Mobile and Web Development skills has been rising. It’s no doubt that these skills will get you a high paying job in 2021. One such skill that almost all Companies are looking for is Full Stack Development — Developers who can work both on frontend and backend applications.

In this article, I am going to cover how someone can become a Full Stack Developer in 6 months and go from beginner to industry-ready.

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Month 1: HTML, CSS, Javascript

The basic skills required to create a website in HTML and CSS. Javascript adds functionalities to a website and makes the project responsive. HTML is for structure and CSS for Styling. DOM Manipulation and Responsive Web Design are important to practice.

Month 2: Web Design and Frameworks

Work on Open Source Projects and try to clone popular websites like Amazon and Facebook. Once you have good practice with HTML and CSS you can use frameworks like Bootstrap or Material CSS which makes it easy to create websites.

Month 3: Javascript Programming Language

The most important skill and most asked in Interviews and Job portals for Web Development are Javascript. You can expect a lot of interview questions from Javascript, So it's important to learn how javascript works, data structures, and asynchronous javascript.

Month 4 & 5: React and Node

Once you are thorough with the above concepts then you can take your skills to the next level by learning Javascript frameworks like React and Node JS. With frameworks like React you can create large scale dynamic web applications.

Other options:

  • Fronend: Angular or Vue
  • Backend: Django, Flask, Java, ASP .Net

Month 6: Database and Projects

In the final month, I would suggest you create a portfolio and create projects using React JS and Node JS. Also, an important skill to have is knowledge of Database Management Systems like MySQL and MongoDB. Also, you need to understand how to connect the Database to Server using the Node JS Framework.

Interview Preparations:

Checklist of topics to be thorough with before going to Interviews:

  • Javascript Programming Language and Data Structures
  • CSS Concepts like Flexbox, Grid, Inheritance, Specificity, etc.
  • React JS and new features e.g: Context API and Hooks
  • REST API’s and SQL and DBMS


Thank You for reading till the end and I hope this article would help you with your Preparations. All the Best !!!

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