Competitive Exam Preparations: Tips and Strategies

How should I prepare for Competetive exams?

Should I go for Coaching Centers or Online Coaching?

How to manage the school/college curriculum while preparing for Competetive Exams?

I am working in a company how should I prepare for these exams?

I have answered all the above questions in this article with a general overview of competitive exam preparations

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This article is for those students, professionals who are preparing for Competitive Exams in India like GATE, IIT JEE, or even NEET.

Today there are various ways of preparing with online learning, postal coaching, or Coaching centers. During my preparation days, I was also confused about choosing an online course or joining an offline coaching institute. So I decided to write an article to give you a general overview of how you should prepare for Competitive exams and what mode of learning to choose.

Online Course, Postal Coaching, or Offline Coaching:

  1. Joining an Online course today has a lot of benefits as students don’t have to waste a lot of time at home and can prepare at the comfort of their home. I would suggest RavindraBabu Ravula GATE Course but there are a lot of resources available online. The disadvantage is that you don’t get the one to one interaction of Coaching centers and clearing doubts may take time.
  2. Postal Coaching is provided by many GATE Coaching centers, where they provide their materials. But the disadvantage is that they don’t teach you concepts or explain you the solutions properly
  3. Offline Coaching centers provide you with materials and give one to one interaction. But it can be time-consuming if you are a student or working professionals because you work from Monday to Friday and weekends go in these Coaching Centers and traveling takes time as well.

Not everyone can afford the above methods but not to worry, Even without going for these paid resources one can prepare and crack gate. I would write another article soon on Gate preparations with free resources and books

Preparation Strategy:

Firstly let's start with students, how should they prepare for these exams while managing school/college curriculum.

  1. It is important to know the syllabus as some of the topics would be covered in school, you can use those as foundations and practice more problems.
  2. Utilize school/college time for solving problems and revision
  3. Competitive exams require discipline and consistency. Generally, students start preparing for exams one or two years before as the syllabus is vast
  4. The last two months' time should be given to test series, solving previous year question papers and revision, and the more the number of test series and previous year papers you solve the better.

People working in Office, how should they prepare while managing work

  1. Try to Work From Home as traveling time would be saved.
  2. Try to dedicate four to six hours every day for Preparation.
  3. Wake Up early, as your mind would be fresh at that time and on work when you get free time practice problems
  4. Talk to your manager and discuss with him that you are preparing for the exam. But only approach if your Manager is friendly and Understanding.
  5. Before two months of exam try to take leave, so that you can give total attention to revision and test series

Focused Learning, Time Management, and Revision are very important for any Exam Preparations. See the syllabus then prepare your strategy and practice a lot.

“ A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work ”

I hope this article helped you, All the Best with your exam preparations. Thank you for reading until the end.

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