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What you should know for Web Development in 2021

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In my schooldays, while browsing the web I always wanted to design a website of my own. I am sure Everyone would have thought the same — a website of their own or a personal portfolio showcasing their work, skills, and achievements or a Start-Up/Business website.

Web Development is the…

How to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer in today's world

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Aiming to become a full-stack developer has become a trend now. Its no doubt that full-stack developers are high in demand today.

Companies are looking for developers who have multiple specialized skills to provide them with flexibility in their projects.

Simple Explanation of how javascript works internally

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Javascript is the most loved and hated programming language for developers. This is because most junior developers don’t know how it works internally and find it difficult to debug and execute.

When I started working with javascript I didn't understand many things and…

Learn React with a simple emoji Dictionary App

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We know how to take input in vanilla JS and on change add event listeners and a submit button to take the input value and process the output.

In this article, we will learn how to do the same in React and also create a fun app in the process.

About the App

Let's learn how to create a full-stack React app from scratch

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Modern web applications have become more powerful and complex to create. It’s not just about rendering HTML and CSS files from the backend server. With frameworks like React, building a frontend-heavy project has become a lot easier.

React uses…

What frameworks and technologies go into building a modern-day web app

Web Development is a highly growing field with new technologies and improvements happening every day. Gone are the days where we used to make web applications to be viewed on a Desktop Computer. …

Which Programming Language to Choose?

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If you are new to programming and don’t know where to start this article is just for you. Today there are more than a hundred programming languages ( Google says more than 700 ), So many options to choose from.

Choosing the first language is important as that builds your…

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The demand for Mobile and Web Development skills has been rising. It’s no doubt that these skills will get you a high paying job in 2021. …

How to solve different types of DP problems asked in coding interviews

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Dynamic Programming is the most asked question in coding interviews due to three main reasons:

  • It is hard to solve
  • Difficult to find the pattern and the right approach to solve the problem.
  • There are various types of Dynamic Programming Problems and different approaches to all those types.

In this…

Simple Explanation to Callbacks, Promises, and Async Await

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Javascript is the most popular language and also the most confusing language. Javascript can be difficult and weird to understand at first.

Understanding the Asynchronous part of Javascript is the most difficult because unlike other programming languages like java which is multi-threaded…

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